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Kensington Electronics Product List

Below are the types of products, listed by manufacturer, that are offered through KEI. Please contact our Sales Department toll free at
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Alps Logo
- Switches, Tact Switches, Encoders, Potentiometers, Sensors (Magnetic, Geomagnetic, Pressure, Force, Resistive Position, Humidity/Temperature, UV), Connectors, Joysticks, Power Inductors, Current Sensors, Printers
Amphenol Logo
- Solar/Photvoltaic Connectors
Astron Logo
- Adapters, Battery Connectors, Board to Board Connectors (fine pitch), Card Edge Connectors, DVI Connectors, Fiber Optic, FPC, HDMI, Heat Sinks, IEEE 1394, Memory Card Connectors, Modular Jack, Post Header, RF Connectors, DSub, USB
Autosplice Logo
- RFI shield clips, Surface mount Solderball TM Pins, Soldertail & Compliant Headers, AutoHeader TM, Tabs, Pin & Blade Headers, SMT, Crimp, Splice, SMT Pins, Hybrid Pins, Interconnect Pins, Stamped Terminals, Shaped memory Alloy, Custom Solutions. Insertion Equipment, Feeders
Axon Logo
Axon Cable
- Wire and Cable
Bel Fuse Logo
Bel Fuse
- DC/DC Converters, Transformers, Connector Modules, Fuses, Delay Lines
Bel Stewart Logo
Bel Stewart Connector
- Modular Connectors, MagJack® Connectors
Conec Logo
- Filter Connectors, DSub, Fiber Optic, RF Connectors, Water Resistant Connectors, AdvancedTCA Connectors, Compact PCI Connectors, Test and Measurement Connectors
eConnek Logo
- Metal circular and plastic circular connectors intermatable to REDEL®, LEMO® and ODU® connectors; replacement medical connector parts and medical device connectors designed to work with any brand-name manufacturers devices
Electri-Cord Logo
- Domestic Cords, International Cords, Power Inlets
Fischer Logo
Fischer Connectors
- Circular connectors for medical, military, broadcast, and instrumentation markets, IP68 rated, quick-disconnect, HDTV and Triax connectors, disposable connector products
Halo Logo
- LAN, WAN, RF Transformers, Low Power Management Magnetics
Hirschmann Logo
- Industrial Ethernet, Electronic Control Systems, Fiber Interfaces, Test and Measurement, Industrial Connectors, Mini-Din Connectors
Hirschmann Test Measure Logo
Hirschmann Test & Measurement
- Test and measurement products, safety products
Hypertronics Logo
- See Smith Connectors
JST Logo
- Solderless Terminals, Memory Card Connectors, FFC, FPC, Card Edge, Headers, Jumpers
JAE Logo
- Sockets, Memory Connectors, Board-to-Board Connectors, Board-to-Cable Connectors, I/O Connectors, Circular, Automotive
JKL Logo
- Miniature and Subminiature Lamps and Lighting products
KEL Logo
- Fine Pitch Connectors, Half Pitch Connectors, Battery Connectors, IC Sockets, Switches, Backplane Connectors, Card Edge Connectors, Flat Ribbon Cable Connectors, Terminal Blocks
Ledtronics Logo
- LEDs
MC Multi-Contact Logo
- Solar/Photovoltaic Connectors & Junction Boxes, Test & Mesurement, Industrial Connectors, High Power Connectors
Meritec Logo
- Card Edge Connectors, PCI Connectors, TSOP sockets
Omnetics Logo
- Micro and nano strip connectors, micro circular connectors, the world-class Nano Bi-Lobe® (a QPL rectangular connector family), the new squeeze-latching nano-connector, Nano-circular connectors, polarized nano-connectors
Power Dynamics Logo
Power Dynamics
- EMI/RFI Filters, Power Cords, Battery Holders, Mini Din, SCSI Connectors, Pin Headers, DC Power Jacks, Serial ATA
Preh Logo
- Keyboards, Touchscreens, DIN Connectors
P-Tech Logo
- LEDs and LCDs
RDI Logo
- Audio Products, Connectors, Circuit Protection, Power Cords & Receptacles, Switches
Sentinel Logo
Sentinel Connector Systems Inc.
- Data Grade Connectors, RJ Modular Systems, Standard and High Speed Enhanced Plugs and Jacks
Signal Logo
Signal Transformer
- Power Transformers
SK Interface Logo
SK Interface
- Programmable LCD Key Switches
SKS Logo
- Test and measurement products, photovoltaic connectors and junction boxes
Hypertronics Logo
Smith Connectors
- High Reliability, Shock and Vibration Proof Connectors: PCB, Modular, Rectangular, Circular, ARINC; Discrete Contacts
Sonitron Logo
- Buzzers, Transducers, Piezoceramic Speakers, Alarms, Sirens
Bel Stewart Logo
Stewart Connector
- See Bel Stewart
Telegartner Logo
- Coaxial Connectors, Surge Suppressors, Fiberoptic Connectors
XMultiple Logo
- RJ Connectors, Magnetic Connectors